Thursday, April 11, 2013

270 Luvable Friends - Baby Carrier

Luvable Friends Print Baby Carrier features a unique open-sided design that makes it easy to place your baby in the carrier. Soft fabric and headrest ensure your baby's comfort. You can carry your new baby facing in or your growing baby facing out. Elasticized pocket for convenient storage and absorbent bib to protect your clothing. Maximum weight of child is 13kg. Padded back straps, an absorbent bib, adjustable headrest, and an elasticized pocket make this a great all-purpose baby carrier. Available in 2 color options.

Colour : Black & Grey

RM 170

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

269 Baby Tights

 Combo A (Yellow + Dark Pink)
 Combo B (Purple + Dark Pink)
Combo C (Light Pink + Purple)

All baby tights are in Size 3-6m

RM 19/combo

268 Carter's Rosey Romper

Carter's Rosey Romper
Striking orange with cute lil sleeve
Soft Material

NB - 3m

RM 20

267 Carter's Green Stripey Combo

Carter's Green Stripey Combo
Baby Romper + Baby Tight


RM 20

266 Lil Ziraffe Romper

Carter's Cute Lil Ziraffe Romper
Soft Material


RM 15